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Value to Sponsors:

Pathology Experts provides its clients with the highest level of independent expertise in toxicologic pathology and related translational research. Our focus is on maintaining a team of highly experienced pathologists supported by the latest data capture software, globally standardized SOPs, globally standardized report formats, communications, stringent quality control requirements and customer support capabilities.

We also have a a great resource in our Board of Scientific Advisors. In select situations we offer teams of scientists whose specific expertise matches the needs of a sponsor. 

We focus and thrive on assignments where the years of experience of our "Experts" in meeting deadlines, working under pressure and issuing high quality documentation on a confidential basis are absolutely required.

Pathology Experts can be your "Virtual Toxicologic Pathology Department". Providing your company with additional expertise, resources and flexibility to meet your timetable with world class subject matter experts in the preclinical phase of compound and device development.



§         Advisory

§         Peer Reviews

§         Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

§         GLP Certified Histopathology

§         Preclinical Development Programs & Study Design

§         Preparation of Regulatory Documentation (e.g. INDs)

§         Report Preparation:  Toxicology and Pathology

§         Placement and Monitoring of Studies at CROs

§         Facility Inspection for Qualification (Scientific and GLP)  

We also perform Due Diligence in support of M&A, Licensing of Compounds  and Expert Witness services.


Service Plans:

Contact us regarding our options for providing preclinical services via individual or teams of Experts focussed on your compound or therapy. We can design a short or long term plan for a "virtual team" of experts that you can integrate into your development timetable and budget.



Our clients represent a large segment of the Life Sciences sector. Sponsors include major pharmaceutical, and biotech companies as well as small companies with promising compounds under development.

We service your preclinical needs with the highest level of confidentiality, quality and within well defined timelines to enable our clients to meet their regulatory milestones and complete the preclinical development phase as fast as possible.

We apply the same level of care to assignments involving due diligence and expert witness services as well.



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