Digital Pathology – Annotation and QC Support for AI Development

Pathology Experts has become a dedicated supporter of the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for use in the evaluation of histopathology Whole Slide Images (WSI) in toxicologic pathology. We firmly believe this technology is the future of toxicologic pathology and want to provide our support to see that it is done accurately and properly.

We have domain experts for all organ systems that are also experienced senior level toxicologic pathologists that understand the need for consistency and how to maintain it across entire studies. Our pathologists review and confirm findings/annotations, all in line with current INHAND nomenclature.

Our pathologists clearly explain the histomorphology features for a given finding, in addition to providing other information, including but not limited to the finding’s toxicological significance, identification of artefacts and providing QC feedback on algorithm output until the desired level of accuracy of the annotation is achieved. We provide advice on workflow features and regulatory compliance requirements, e.g. GLP compliance of a workflow/device, SEND and INHAND terminology compliance.